Town of Greenwich, New York
Town of Greenwich, New York


The Town of Greenwich is seeking written proposals for the furnishing of the following service to the Town of Greenwich: Dog Control Officer. All proposals must be received by 12 PM on Friday, February 10, 2023, at the Greenwich Town Clerk’s Office, 2 Academy Street, Greenwich., NY 12834.


Dated: December 28, 2022

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JOB TITLE: Dog Control Officer

REPORTS TO: Town Board - Town of Greenwich

STATUS: Contractual



This position is charged with the responsibilities for carrying out the provisions of the Agriculture and Markets Law and local municipal ordinances dealing with the control of dogs including their seizure and impoundment. Must possess skill in handling dogs and be able to operate independently in the field. The work is performed under the general direction of the Town Board in accordance with established policies and procedures.



(1) Investigate all complaints relating to dogs.

(2) Seize and impound unlicensed, stray and/or dangerous dogs.

(3) Report all sick, injured or dead dogs to the appropriate authority.

(4) Carry out the disposition of all dogs in accordance with existing laws and advisories.

(5) Maintains records of work performed including a record of all dogs impounded, returned to owners, adopted, or otherwise disposed of.

(6) Enforce all State, County and Local laws applicable to dogs.

(7) Makes monthly written reports to the Town Clerk.

(8) Participates in court proceedings, as requested, including the preparation of reports, and providing information, testimony and evidence.

(9) Will comply with, and enforce, the Washington County Rabies Management Plan under the direction of the Washington County Department of Public Health.



(1) Dog Control Officer is expected to be familiar with all laws relating to dog control, including but not limited to those issued by the NYS Department of Ag & Markets, NYS Health Department, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Washington County, and the Town of Greenwich.

(2) Dog Control Officer will have jurisdiction within the Town of Greenwich (excluding the Village of Greenwich).

(3) Dog Control Officer shall respond to a call from the Town Health Officer, Town Clerk, Town Board Member, State or County Officials or private citizen, and if the problem is within the Dog Control Officer’s area of jurisdiction and responsibility, the Dog Control Officer will investigate, and if required, pick-up said dog which is the subject of the call and transport to Town-designated shelter.



The Dog Control Officer will submit monthly written reports to the Town Clerk and will coordinate his/her work under the direction of the Town Board.



(1) The Dog Control Officer will be under a 1-year contract with the Town of Greenwich.

(2) The Dog Control Officer will provide his/her own equipment and transportation necessary to carry out the duties of the job.

(3) Prior to commencing work, Dog Control Officer shall provide Town with Proof of Liability and Workers Compensation insurance as applicable.



The Dog Control Officer is expected to attend training and/or informational meetings relative to the duties and responsibilities of this position when requested by the Town Board. Expenses for such meetings will be reimbursed according to Town policy.


The Dog Control Officer is expected to work with the other municipality Animal Control Officers in those situations where mutual cooperation is necessary for proper performance of their duties.


The Dog Control Officer will meet with the Town Board when requested.

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