Town of Greenwich, New York
Town of Greenwich, New York

Board of Assessment Review

*** 2024 Grievance Day is Wednesday, May 29th ***


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The Board of Assessment Review is a five-member administrative review panel appointed by the Town Board to staggered five year terms. The Board meets on Grievance Day, usually on the last Wednesday in May to hear complaints against the current assessment roll. Members meet for a second time to render an impartial, objective determination and notify property owners by mail.


From the NYS Training Manual for the Board of Assessment:


The real property tax is an ad valorum tax (that is, a tax levied on the basis of value). In the first instance, it is the local assessor who determines the taxable value of real property. As you may be aware, New York State Law requires all properties to be assessed at a uniform percentage of value each year.


Taxpayers who feel their assessments are unequal, excessive, unlawful or that their property is misclassified, have a right to have their assessments reviewed by the Board of Assessment Review, or, if necessary, by the courts.

View the Town of Greenwich Final Assessment 2023 Roll


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