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Do I Need a Permit?

Accessory Structure


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If it is less than 120 square feet, it does not need a building permit. Anything over that amount DOES require a building permit and must meet setback requirements for the specific Zoning District.



Highway Dept:



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If installing a new driveway on a Town Road (residential or business), a Town of Greenwich Driveway Permit is needed. If improving or moving your driveway, call the Highway Superintendent PRIOR to any work being done to determine if a permit is needed.


If installing a new driveway on a County or State Road, you must obtain a permit from the appropriate entity.

Heating System


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Permit Required.

Hudson & Battenkill River Setbacks

No structure, other than a marina may be located within 100 feet of the mean high-water mark. Vegetation clearing is limited. See full law for specifics.

Land Clearing & Grading


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For Commercial, Residential and Hamlet/Mixed Use Zoning Districts, clearing one acre of property is allowed without a permit.

In Rural Agricultural and Industrial Districts, clearing two acres is allowed without a permit.

Except for bona fide forestry use or agricultural activities, any clearing more than those stated requires a Special Use Permit.

Manufactured Homes


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Single-wide mobile homes in existence prior to 1/1/1999 may be replaced by a newer model. Permit required.

Manufactured homes with a living space of at least 1,000 sq. ft. and are a minimum of 24 ft wide by 40 ft long are placed on the appropriate footings and have a permanent concrete block or poured cement enclosure between the top of the slab and the bottom of the manufactured home or are placed on a full basement are allowed. Permit required.

New Business or change of use


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Site plan Review or Special Use Permit required. See regulations.



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Building Permit required for any new construction, additions or alterations.

Replacing a roof or windows

No permit required.

Septic System


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Permit required.



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Permit required.

Solar Energy Systems


Personal | Solar Farms

Permit required for roof top or ground mounted for personal use. Special Use Permit required for solar farms.

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